Brothers Keeper Basketball Grade 4

Toronto, ON

Brothers Keeper Basketball Grade 4

Community Involvement

The grade 4/ U10 boys of Brother’s Keeper Basketball are currently collecting items for homeless of GTA and local women’s shelter. They are collecting items to pack in reusable bags with necessities such as toothbrush, gift cards, hand sanitizer, hand warmers, gloves, granola bars etc. The boys will be packing the bags during practice and will be dropping them off before Christmas Break. For Mother’s Day, they will also be collecting items for mothers living in local women’s shelters. Items will be packed in small mason jars that will include nail polish, mini chocolate bars, gym etc. Community outreach is a vital part of Brother’s Keeper Basketball; it not only teaches the boys the value of helping our neighbors but it is helping making our GTA a better place.

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Brothers Keeper Basketball Grade 4

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