CKATT U10 Team Brian

Brampton, ON

CKATT U10 Team Brian

Community Involvement

CKATT U10 Team Brian was recently formed in September 2019, under the leadership of Head Coach Brian Owusu, the team has quickly bonded and flourished. Coach Brian mission is to 'aim to make a positive impact in our community through the game of basketball'. Coach Brian's philosophy is 'It's bigger than just basketball. We want to see lives change for the better, thus making the world a better place'. And Coach's vision is 'To be the change we want to see.' Coach Brian is able to development his players skills, growing their confidence in themselves and as a team. His players have responded through admiration and respect for Coach Brian. The genuine love the players have for their coach can be seen on and off the court by others around. I truly feel this team is special, the bond is special and through leading by example (sharing the ball, trusting each other and teamwork) they are able to show opponents and others in the community that youth basketball is a team sport, individual stats do not matter when you work together as a team.

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Winners will be announced Mar. 2020